OceanSky will deliver a sustainable mobility solution for the next generation

Imagine a global network being serviced by large scale hybrid airships. A fully sustainable transport mode, supported by solar energy, and with the capability to land on any field. A system that can service every little town, no matter how rural, no matter how small. A system that is resilient enough to withstand floods, electricity failures and earthquakes and does not rely on airports or harbours or roads. A transport system that delivers to the destination, instead of a distant transit hub far away from the actual travel destination. Hybrid airships let’s you travel in comfort and style, with the possibility to sleep and eat in spacious and low noise environment. A hybrid airship network can:

  • service underdeveloped nations and areas, bringing supplies and medicine to geographically challenging locations.

  • bring socio-economic development to sub-developed regions through trade and mobility. 

  • Improve accessibility and flexibility to societies without damaging our global eco system and our precious nature. 

This is a world we would like to live in, and we are certain we are on the right track to fulfil our vision. 


Our goal is to operate, support and develop regional and global transport networks through modern lighter than air technology.

We believe in transparent and ethical business practice. We believe companies have important social and environmental responsibilities. We believe companies exist in order to excel societies in a beneficial direction for the local community and the world society. 

We are only interested in long-term sustainable business practice. We want to invest in the future in a responsible manner, and refrain from shortsighted investments. 


We are putting these words into strong actions, changing the future. Help us doing this by signing up.