Meet our COO Kim Krogtoft

If airship's is such a smart transportation solution, why is the sky not filled with them?

"It will and I will be part of it.

For many years I have been asking myself this question. Now I have the great opportunity to be a part of OceanSky to get the world's largest flying vehicle in the air. We will use the most revolutionary, sustainable way of transporting goods and people. We'll bring Lighter Than Air Technology, together with OceanSky's proof of concept, into the aerospace industry, of which I have been a part of for the last 46 years. An airship can carry a huge amount of payload to great efficency and land anywhere. We can operate in areas without infrastructure and civilization, and our first expedition to the North Pole will prove that travel and transportation by air can be sustainable - truly sustainable in the essence of the word. We will be a part of the story, and I'll be part of the team making it happen.

Oh - and regarding the question, follow OceanSky on Facebook and I will explain it in my next post. It's a bit complex but not so complicated "

COO Kim Krogtoft, OceanSky

Captain Kim Krogtoft has been a Commercial Pilot for 46 years in operational, start up and management roles in the Nordic Countries, Eastern Europe, Africa etc. Still flying Boeing 737 as Instructor, delivery and demo pilot. He is an entrepreneurial, adventurous aviator and former Maersk Air Captain, where he served as member of the Board for 12 years and Chairman for both helicopter and the fixed wing pilots.

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