Going electric: Latest Airlander production design features numerous changes improving efficiency, r

A new design of Airlander, the world's longest aircraft has been revealed. The production design features numerous changes improving efficiency, reducing drag and providing improved maintainability and an architecture ready to accept the technologies needed to deliver all-electric flight.

"By enhancing and refining the shape of the production Airlander 10, along with modifications to the payload module, landing gear and propulsors, drag has been significantly reduced when compared to the prototype. This means the production Airlander 10 will burn very little fuel during flight – achieving up to 75% lower carbon emissions than comparable aircraft. The updated design means Airlander 10 is ready to incorporate new electric technologies as they become available."

“Unveiling the aircraft that our first commercial customers will receive is an exciting moment and an important milestone on our path to type certification.” says Tom Grundy, Chief Executive Officer, Hybrid Air Vehicles.

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