Creating change by promoting the use of new alternative aircraft and electric propulsion

By collaborating with manufacturers of electric aviation and LTA vehicles, OceanSky provides exposure to new energy-efficient alternatives in the aviation industry.

A partnership of Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV), Collins Aerospace, and the University of Nottingham (UoN) has won grant funding in excess of £1m from the UK Aerospace Research and Technology Programme to develop electric propulsion technologies using Airlander 10 as the initial platform. The project, named E-HAV1, will deliver a full-sized prototype 500kW electric propulsor for ground testing and technologies ready for future productionisation. These technologies will be directly applicable to a future Airlander 10, with the goal of replacing its fuel-burning forward engines as the first step towards an all-electric version of the aircraft.

Image Courtesy of Hybrid Air Vehicles Ltd

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