Land on arctic waters – OceanSky and Grafair creates a unique experience in northern Scandinavia

Imagine landing in the crystal clear water of a fjord in the north of Norway, in a seaplane running on non-fossil fuel. OceanSky is teaming up with Grafair to deliver a unique wildlife and fishing adventure in the polar region of northern Scandinavia. The itinerary includes some very hard-to-reach and breathtaking places in the area, spanning over Norway, Sweden and Finland.

"By teaming up with Grafair and using a seaplane that can run on alternative fuel we can deliver something truly unique: customized flights in the Arctic. This wildlife experience has been carefully designed, we have tailored a unique route that includes beautiful wildlife spots in Norway, Sweden, and Finland. ", says Carl-Oscar Lawaczeck, Founder and CEO for OceanSky.

"By using a Cessna C208 amphibian we have unique possibilities to land on ground and on water at some of the most beautiful spots in the Scandinavian Arctic. We are excited to do this with OceanSky," says Carl-Johan Wall, Grafair.

"The trip is designed for nature lovers who want to experience climate compensated extraordinary wildlife and fishing experiences," says Carl-Oscar Lawaczeck.

What's your arctic adventure? Are you interested in bespoke/customized routes with seaplanes? Contact for more information.

More details about these trips will be published soon. The seaplane flight is available this year and will complement OceanSky’s market offer, leading up to the operations of lighter-than-air travel and the expedition to the North Pole.

OceanSky believes experiential travel is a catalyst for sustainable skies. Lighter-than-air technology is the future of sustainable mobility for experiential travel, the future of remote cargo logistics and the way to travel for the next generation.

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