OceanSky reveal plans for a North Pole Expedition

Stockholm, 10 december 2018 – OceanSky takes you on a pioneering expedition from Svalbard as the first hybrid aircraft to ever land on the North Pole

OceanSky revealed their extraordinary experience on at the two-day travel festival PURE Life Experiences and MATTER in Marrakech, where they talked about sustainable skies and high-end experiential travel.

OceanSky believes experiential travel is a catalyst for sustainable skies. Hybrid aircraft technology is the future of sustainable mobility for experiential travel, the future of remote cargo logistics and the way to travel for the next generation.

Details about pricing and terms for the North Pole expedition is to be announced soon.

"Speaking with some of the best minds in high-end experiential travel, so far our concepts and ideas have been very well received. We have a passion for sustainable skies and innovative alternatives in aviation. We are very excited and we believe there is a huge potential in experiential travel as a stepping stone to sustainable mobility in all aviation sectors of transport. Hybrid aircraft technology gives us an opportunity to get closer to wildlife and migrating animals without disturbing and without harming. We can land, experience and then leave without a footprint. Our vision is to shape the future of aviation. " says Carl-Oscar Lawaczeck, Founder and CEO of OceanSky.

As their preferred aircraft for their first offered itinerary, OceanSky have chosen Airlander 10 from Hybrid Air Vehicles Ltd. Airlander 10’s unique capabilities make it ideally suited to a North Pole expedition.

“We are delighted that OceanSky has selected Airlander 10 as their preferred aircraft to operate their exciting itinerary. We have been delighted with the response to our luxury passenger cabin after it was launched at the Farnborough International Airshow 2018 and we look forward to seeing Airlander 10 operated worldwide on unique journeys. OceanSky’s plans to offer luxury cruises in the Nordic and Arctic skies are very exciting and we look forward to working with them”, a spokesperson for Hybrid Air Vehicles Ltd commented.


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