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Our most high-profile project is a planned trip from Longyearbyen, Svalbard to the North Pole with a hybrid aircraft with Robert Swan, Arctic Explorer and the first person to reach both the North and South Pole by foot.


OceanSky takes you on a pioneering expedition to the North Pole, and as the first hybrid aircraft, to ever land on the North Pole, we will together make history. History that serves for a greater good, to introduce lighter-than-air technology into the aviation industry.

Creating change by promoting the use of new alternative aircraft. 

By collaborating with manufacturers of electric aviation and LTA vehicles, OceanSky provides exposure to new energy-efficient alternatives in the aviation industry. 


Creating change by supporting and using alternatives to fossil fuels. 

By cooperating with non-fossil fuel manufacturers, OceanSky promotes the development of alternative non-fossil fuels in air travel. 


Creating change by supporting and using ultra clean fuels with lower emissions of toxic substances. 

By advocating for less toxic fuel, like EcoPar Ultra Clean, OceanSky can help promote the development of fuel with less emission of toxic substances. Compared with diesel oil, the emissions of many carcinogenic substances drop by more than 90%. The levels of nitrogen oxides in the environment are down by almost 50%. To take the discussion about emissions at depths and also talk about emissions other than greenhouse gases is important for OceanSky. 


Creating change by promoting less travel. Quality rather than quantity. 

Today, the airline and travel industry have created cheap flights that are consumed in an ever-increasing volume, despite the fact that abundant long-distance flights with aviation fuel is unsustainable. With OceanSky the journey is the destination, we aim for quality rather than quantity by creating unique, once-in-a-lifetime journeys with a clear environmental focus. 


Creating change by climate-compensation. 

Through our cooperation with ChooseNow, OceanSky becomes climate positive. The money paid for carbon credits goes to UN-certified clean energy projects in developing countries. Carbon offsetting is not to be considered an all-in-one solution but an important part of OceanSky's actions to reduce carbon footprint and fight climate change.  


Creating change by promoting the message and stories of environmentalists and Arctic experts.  

With the help of environmental profiles such as Robert Swan and foundations like Bertrand Picard’s Solar Impulse Foundation we can promote alternatives in the aerospace industry. Personal stories about the Arctic and climate action projects from our ambassadors are a great way to reach out with our work and inspire change in the aviation industry. 

We are in dialogue with industry, academia, authorities, OEMs and organisations. We are progressing through informing, listening and finding suitable ways to meet the needs of customers and stakeholders.


OceanSky will deliver a sustainable mobility solution for the next generation



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